Slate Portrait Address Sign (30x10cm)

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Spruce up the front of your home with a personalised Slate Address Plate. Standing out boldly against brickwork and porches, this hand-painted sign catches the eye and warmly welcomes visitors to your home. Personalise with our range of fonts, colours and sizes, and create your own timeless design to add some personality to your entrance.

Introduce your home with a stunning Slate Address Plate

  • Painted and engraved by hand
  • Wide range of fonts and text colours
  • High-quality polished natural slate - black or green
  • Modern square-edged finish
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy to install (screw fixings optional)
  • Size: 30x10cm, 10mm thick.

Styling the outside of your home can be just as important as the inside. A personalised Slate Address Plate will make sure your entrance catches the eye and makes a lasting first impression on any visitors.

Available in a range of sizes, this sign is both engraved and painted by hand, ensuring you enjoy a finish of the absolute highest quality. After all, nothing but the best will do for your home, especially when it’s somewhere as visible as the entrance.

All of our address plates feature modern square edges, mixing with slate’s rustic feel to create something that really stands out. You can personalise with your own choice of fonts and text, but the bold lettering is always clear and easy to read, never failing to catch the eye when sat beside your front door.

This is a fantastic choice for any modern home that wants to add a dash of natural charm. It would be a luxurious, timeless finishing touch to the outside of your house, but also robust enough to require very little maintenance and to last a long time.

Other Useful Info

You can also explore our full range of slate house signs to find different shapes, sizes and colours. It’s never been easier to create the perfect welcome to your home.

This product can come either with or without screw fixings, simply choose your preferred option when personalising your sign.

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