Aluminium Black Bridge House Sign - (19x36cm)

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Sleek, luxurious and impressively durable, the Aluminium Black Bridge House Sign will add a touch of sophistication to your home. Meticulously handcrafted by our very own specialists, create your very own sign by personalising with different fonts, colours and images, which will then be lovingly engraved for a polished, professional finish.

Turn heads and impress visitors with your own polished aluminium house sign

  • Premium polished aluminium
  • Bold backgrounds and font colours
  • Add your own images or motifs
  • Personalised engraved lettering
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy to install (screw holes optional)
  • Size: 19x36cm

Every home needs a house sign, but very few options turn heads quite like the shine of polished aluminium. Perfect for your front door or gate, the Aluminium Black Bridge House Sign leaves a sparkling, dazzling impression which visitors won’t forget any time soon.

Masterfully made by hand, this sign helps you add a luxurious, sophisticated touch to the outside of your home, showing off your home’s modern character before guests have even crossed the threshold. After all, a beautiful house sign isn’t just for the postman’s benefit, and this is your chance to impress neighbours, visitors or even just people passing by.

The polished aluminium is impressively robust and durable, effortlessly withstanding whatever life can throw at it, but also lasting an incredibly long time. Your chosen text and images will be meticulously engraved into the plaque, ensuring the details of your aluminium masterpiece will stand out for years to come.

This is a sleek, modern house sign which has an undeniably premium quality to it, and it serves up that lovely pop of character your home has been waiting for. Check out all the incredible personalisation options in our sign builder - you’ve got the freedom to create an aluminium sign unlike anything else!

Other Useful Info

Explore our full range of aluminium house signs to find different shapes, sizes and designs.

Please be aware that metal signs may be affected by exposure to certain atmospheric conditions, particularly sea air, which may cause the sign to deteriorate. Look after your sign by cleaning it with our microfibre Care Cloth for Brass, Aluminium and Ceramic Signs, which can be bought separately.

This sign can come with or without pre-drilled holes, simply choose your preferred option when personalising your design! To add completely bespoke images or fonts, please contact our specialist team on 01744 815350.


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