Frequently Asked Questions

Do you post to countries outside the UK?

I'm sorry we don't at the moment due to the cost and the extended delivery times.

How do you size the engraving on an item?

We size the text to fit the sign required or use a size that looks right for the item. You can also send in your design if you want something special and we will match the design supplied. You can call our Engraving Excellence Centre on 01744 815350 for more information.

Can I return a personalised item for a refund?

Any item can be returned for a refund if the item arrives damaged, we do not refund for mistakes made at the time of ordering or just because you have changed your mind, unless the item has not been started.  Once personalised items have been started, we do not have to issue a refund.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Stock Items: You have the legal right to cancel or change your order within 7 days of receipt of goods.  Goods should be returned in its original packaging.  Refund will be issued on receipt of the returned goods.  Made To Order Items: It is not possible to cancel or change Made to Order Items if the production process has already started.  However, if the nameplate/number has not gone into production we shall endeavour to meet your request for changes/cancellations.

Are the colours of the shoe dyes and polishes correct?

We have scanned or photographed the items listed and we have tried to get them as near as possible, but due to the differences in monitor settings it is impossible to get them perfect on every machine.

Do your house signs come with wall fixings?

We provide fixings with our house signs and plates if required as some have the option to remove them.

Can you give me a quote to repair my shoes online?

We offer a range of online repairs you can find more information HERE.

Can you engrave my item and can you give me a price?

We can engrave most items as long as they will fit in to our engraving machine, the cost to engrave will depend on what item you need engraving and how much engraving is necessary. If you take your item in to your local store they can have a look and advise on this service.

Can you recycle your old items in store?

If you’re buying a new electrical or digital item, we will recycle your old one for free in store. View more information about WEE Regualtions here

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