New £1 Coin Lock

Update your old Locks

There is a new £1 coin being introduced in March 2017 by the Government, to replace the £1 coin currently in circulation. This could have an immediate impact for any businesses that have staff lockers which are currently fitted with £1 coin locks on them, as the new £1 coin will not be able to open these locks. As the Treasury withdraws the old coinage, then the problems could quickly start to escalate.


For those businesses that are either aware of the potential problems, or those who have not yet considered the implications of this change to their business, Timpson Key & Locker Solutions can assist you with any necessary transition, and work with you through this process.


We have sourced a specialist coin return lock to fit onto existing staff lockers, which will allow the lock to be opened by both the new and old £1 coins, plus the Euro too. This lock has the same basic design footprint as most currently on the market, so should be able to easily fit onto the existing lock housing. We also provide alternative manufacturers coin locks which are ready for the advent of the new £1 coin too.


If the actual removing of the old and fitting of the new lock presents a problem, then we can help with that too. Timpson Key & Locker Solutions have a long established lock fitting service specifically for staff lockers.When staff lose their key, the locker door can often be vandalised to gain entry, but we can either repair those doors or replace with new where necessary. In addition, we operate a mail order service to replace any missing keys from working locks. This is the cheaper alternative and all we would need is the actual key code itself.


We also provide new staff lockers to suit the varied needs of most companies. In addition, we also supply items such as Key Cabinets, for the spare keys, Hazardous Material Cabinets, Cupboards, Seating etc


Timpson Key & Locker Solutions cover the entire United Kingdom, so we can fulfil any local or regional needs that a national business may have.


If your business has staff lockers with coin locks fitted to some or all of them, then don`t be concerned, we can help you with this change ! It is what we do ! We will make any necessary transition as easy as possible for our customer, taking their problems away from them and leaving them completely satisfied. If you want any further information, please just contact me at the address below;


Clive Stirling, Sales Director.  

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