Wood Backed Brass Oval House Number - (20 x15cm)

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Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Small Wood Backed Brass Oval House Sign. Now your home can feature wood’s rustic charm alongside brass’ elegant shine, while also showing off your own personalised text and images. These details are lovingly reverse engraved into the brass plate, ensuring a smooth, seamless finish that will bring your entrance to life.

Rustic charm and an elegant shine, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds

  • Choose from polished light oak or mahogany
  • Solid brass plaque
  • Select your own fonts or images
  • Personalised reverse engraved lettering
  • Weatherproof varnished front
  • Unvarnished back to let the wood breathe
  • Easy to install (screw holes optional)
  • Size: 20x15cm, 25mm thick

It takes time to create the perfect entrance to your home. This is a golden opportunity to flaunt some real character, making sure your own personality and style is established right there at the front door.

The Small Wood Backed Brass Oval House Sign helps you do things a little differently. Homeowners across the world have fallen in love with both wood’s rustic charm and brass’ sophisticated sheen, and this stunning design brings out the very best in both of those popular materials.

Backed onto your choice of polished light oak or mahogany, the glimmering solid brass plaque helps your personalised details to really stand out. Your text, fonts and images will be expertly reverse engraved into the brass, ensuring you get a smooth, premium finish that will dazzle any visitors to your home.

Completely weather-proof and suitable for outdoor use, the protective varnish on the front ensures this sign is ready for whatever the weather can throw at it. The back of the sign is left unvarnished, which allows the wood to breathe and ultimately ensures it stays in great condition for as long as possible.

Try personalising your very own and introduce your home with a beautiful sign which is completely unique. This could be the final flourish your entrance has been waiting for.

Other Useful Info

Explore our full range of wood backed brass house signs to find different shapes, sizes and designs. Everything in the selection is crafted from sustainable wood materials

When installing the sign, we advise leaving a small gap between the sign and the wall, which will improve airflow and allow any water to run freely between them. This also reduces the risk of wood splitting, while our revitalising Wood Care Oil can be bought separately.

Please be aware that the brass will tarnish over a long period of time, so we recommend regularly cleaning it with our Care Cloth for Brass, Aluminium and Ceramic Signs, which is also available separately.

This sign can come with or without pre-drilled holes, simply choose your preferred option when personalising your design! To add completely bespoke images or fonts, please contact our specialist team on 01744 815350.

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