Passport Photo Requirements forMyanmar

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Last updated/checked : 04/03/2019

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Passport Requirements

Required photo dimensions : 35mm x 45mm.
2photos will need to be submitted
Aplain light backgroundis needed for your photos

The photos must be no more than 6 months old.
They should be taken from a front view.
Head size should be 32-36mm
If they need a digital copy it needs to be 600 dpi & 827×1063 Pixels.
In the case of babies the eyes need to be open

Visa Requirements

A full face, front view and open eyes.
Make sure photo presents full head from top of hair to shoulders.
Avoid shadows on the face or background.
Face in photo should have a natural expression (closed mouth).
Photos should not include sunglasses or hats.
The contrast and lighting in the photo should be normal.

Dimensions : 35mm x 45mm.
Number of Photos Required : 2

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