Passport Photo Requirements forNigeria

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Last updated/checked : 28/02/2019

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Passport Requirements

Required photo dimensions : 35 x 45 mm
2photos will need to be submitted
Alight (not white) backgroundis needed for your photos

Nigerian Passport Photos must be taken within the last two weeks.
Nigerian Passport Photos should be a close-up of your head and shoulders.
The face must cover 70 to 80% of the passport photo.
Digital or scanned photographs should be printed at 1200dpi resolution or better.
Nigerian Passport photos should be printed on photo quality matt paper.
There must not be any shadows or reflection on spectacles.
No hair across your eyes is allowed on Nigerian Passport Photos.
You must look straight at the camera with eyes open and a neutral expression.
Your face should be uncovered with no hats or head covering.
Spectacle frames must not obscure the eyes.
In the case of babies eyes must be open.

Visa Requirements

Same as passport (see above)
Dimensions : Awaiting Embassy Confirmation
Number of Photos Required : 2

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