Passport Photo Requirements forVenezuela

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Last updated/checked : 12/08/2017

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Passport Requirements

4photos will need to be submitted
Awhite backgroundis needed for your photos

Photo dimensions can be any size, recommended to do it UK Passport Size 35×45mm.
Must have been taken not less than three months from the date of the application
At least two of the photographs must be signed by the photographer verifying their authenticity
Photo colour, uniform lighting (no flash marks, red eyes or shadows)
Show your face and neck
The face must occupy 66-75% of the photo
The face should be clear, in front of the camera and with open eyes
The person may not be looking to the right, left, up or down
The person must be with your mouth closed and neutral expression
We do not accept photos with the flash reflecting glasses or dark glasses
The head must be uncovered and right
The image must be clear, no bends, no scratches, no stains, no holes

Visa Requirements

Same rules as passport (see above)
Dimensions : 50.8mm x 50.8mm
Number of Photos Required : 2

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