Our pledge is to provide all of the resources you need to develop your own career, and fufill your potential. Your pledge is to keep driving yourself using these resources.


When we welcome you to the Timpson Group you’ll be helped to feel part of the wider Timpson family on day 1 of your career with an orientation day. Every new starter is assigned a mentor, usually an Area Development Manager, who will guide you through your orientation day introducing you to the business.

Timpson training course


Shoe repair, key cutting, watch and mobile phone repairs, engraving, dry cleaning, photo ID…. It seems like a lot to learn! No problems for someone with the right personality and the right drive. All new starters have a week by week training plan for all skills guiding them through:

  • All level 1s in 16 weeks
  • All level 2s in a further 32 weeks

Each skill passed qualifies you immediately for a share of the branch bonus pot! So, the faster you learn, the more you earn!

Easy to follow manuals support your skills training for all of our services, including customer care and health & safety. But we don’t just leave you with a book - the manuals are practical training guides developed by experts in each service and act as references for your skills training. And there are loads of knowledgeable colleagues always willing to help.


Most of our training is done 'on the job', in other words whilst you are in your own or another store, either at the quieter times of the day or when there is cover or help available. Some skills, however, are best taught and practiced away from the 'busy-ness' of our branches and without interruption. There are Training Centres around the country which are used whenever appropriate for concentrated training, particularly courses such as Customer Care and an introduction to Watch Repairs, also phone repairs and eventually the world of transponder car keys.

Career development training course


Timpson Residential Course Winners

All new starters are invited, and expected, to attend a 2 day Residential Course fairly early on in their career at our premises in Wythenshawe, Manchester. This is an opportunity to learn more about the Timpson Group and you will meet John or James Timpson themselves and understand more about the business you have joined.


Superb Customer Service is the key ingredient that makes Timpson stand out on the high street. All colleagues attend a Customer Care Course and their level of service is regularly assessed with a view to continually improving. Our aim is to support you TO AMAZE OUR CUSTOMERS.


Everyone has a responsibility from Day 1 in the business for Health & Safety. We have a regularly reviewed comprehensive manual and all colleagues knowledge of Health & Safety is the first skill assessment a new colleague takes which helps ensure we have a safe working environment for colleagues, customers and visitors.


Managing a branch requires important skills so we run a one day 5 STAR Manager's course to prepare prospective managers-in-waiting, and can supplement this with Admin/Paperwork training where needed.

A great colleague – what we call a 10 out of 10 – can become a Branch Manager within their first year with talent and ambition.

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