Care & Cleaning Cloth for Signs

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Keep your house sign sparkling with the Care & Cleaning Cloth for Signs. This textured cloth can bring a shine back to your beautiful sign without the need for harsh chemicals - simply dampen with warm water and rub the dirt away! It’s easy to use and machine washable, so this cloth can clean your favourite signs again and again.

Bring a shine to your house sign with this specially textured care cloth

  • Textured to remove dirt
  • No need for cleaning products
  • Simply dampen and then rub your sign
  • Suitable for a wide range of signs (see below)
  • Washing machine-friendly
  • Manufactured by The House Nameplate Company

Show your sign the love it deserves and make sure it’s always shining. The Care & Cleaning Cloth for Signs is specially textured to remove dirt, allowing you to clean your house sign or plaque without any harsh abrasives or cleaning products.

By just applying some warm water, you can gently rub on the surface of your sign and easily remove any dirt or grime, then use a dry section to buff to a glimmering shine. Better yet, you can put this cloth in the washing machine when you’re done and keep using it over and over!

Other Useful Info

This cloth is suitable for all brass, aluminium, granite, ceramic, stainless steel, glass or acrylic signs or numbers. Please do not rub into painted engravings, as this may affect the infill.

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