Shoe Protector Spray

Keep your feet feeling fresh with our fantastic range of shoe protector sprays and aerosols. Your shoes can take a real beating during their lifetime, becoming damaged, stained or even smelly, but our sprays are fantastic for cleaning, preserving and restoring your favourite footwear. Spray a new lease of life into the shoes you love!

Browse our full selection of shoe protector sprays to guard against water, stains, odours and whatever else life can throw at your shoes. You can make them even softer and shinier with our shoe polishes, dyes, insoles and other amazing shoe accessories!

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Frequently asked questions about shoe protector spray

How does shoe protector spray work?

Shoe protector sprays add a hydroponic layer to the shoe’s upper layer, so water will bead and roll off rather than soak into the shoe. This layer of protection will also help to fend off stains and grime.

How long does shoe protector spray last?

The duration of your shoe protector spray’s effectiveness depends on the product itself, although you should get around two weeks of solid protection if you wear the shoes regularly. You may find that you need to reapply your spray every couple of months.

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