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Leather forever. Add some sparkle, squeak and shine to your favourite shoes with our fantastic selection of leather shoe cleaners. From intense oils to nourishing creams, here you’ll find everything you need to bring those old leather favourites back to life.

Beautiful leather always deserves some love and attention, so browse our range below to keep your shoes clean, protected and looking even smarter than they used to be. You can also find replacement shoe laces, insoles and aerosols to really get them feeling as good as new!

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Frequently asked questions about leather shoe care

How do you maintain leather shoes?

To keep your favourite leather shoes looking as good as new, you need to keep them clean and dry. After each wear, you should give them a quick clean with a shoe brush or microfibre cloth. After around six wears, it’s time to polish your leather shoes to moisturise them and add a layer of protection. 

Should I use cream polish or wax polish?

Cream polish is more moisturising than wax and provides a more natural finish. However, wax polish provides more shine and can offer more protection. Your choice will largely depend on what kind of finish you want, but for optimal results, we would recommend starting with cream and finishing with wax to add enough moisture while also getting enough protection. 

How do I polish leather shoes?

Use a microfibre cloth to apply your chosen polish to your leather shoes in circular motions. You can then use a brush to work the product in deeper and buff the shoe for a shiny finish. 

Should leather be oiled?

Applying leather oil is another way to add a protective layer to your leather shoes. This protective layer will repel moisture and dirt to keep your shoes in good condition for longer. 

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