Shoe Stretchers and Trees

Make sure you’re always comfortable with our great selection of shoe stretchers and trees. Designed to slightly increase the width and length of your footwear, our strong and durable shoe stretchers are perfect for any feet that need more room to breathe, while our shoe trees will help shoes keep their original shape. 

Browse the different designs and sizes to find exactly what you need, then explore our fantastic range of shoe dyes, insoles, aerosols and other shoe care accessories made to treat your feet.

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Frequently asked questions about shoe stretchers and shoe trees

Do shoe stretchers really work?

While it’s always best to try on shoes before committing to buying to ensure they fit, shoe stretchers are a handy way to make footwear that little more comfortable. Sometimes, our feet can fit perfectly into size 6 trainers, and be squashed and sore in size 6 boots - it’s all to do with the design and shape. That’s where a shoe stretcher comes in; it won’t make a shoe a full size bigger, but it can widen the length, height and width to make it more comfortable.

How long does it take a shoe stretcher to work?

It’s best to leave the stretcher in for a few hours at a time and do regular checks. Start off by leaving it in your shoe for around 6 - 8 hours and then check the fit. If it’s still not quite the right size or shape, pop the stretcher back in and wait another 8 hours. Depending on the original fit, it may take a couple of days!

What is a shoe tree?

Simply choose one of our acrylic house signs on this page and click on “personalise”. Next, you’ll be taken to a personalisation page, where you’ll input your house name or number in your desired font, size and colour. 

Once you’ve met the design requirements, simply add it to your cart and checkout! Most signs will be home-delivered within 5 working days. 

How long can you leave a shoe tree in?

As long as you wear the shoes on a regular basis, there’s no time limit on how long you can leave shoe trees in there!

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