Key Cutting Machines

Our self-service key machines make cutting keys effortless. It only takes a few minutes!


Fast & reliable key cutting when you need it

Our key cutting kiosks use revolutionary technology to cut precise, high-quality keys of all kinds. 

House Keys

From front door keys to window keys, our handy kiosks cut all kinds of household keys to an unrivalled level of accuracy. 

Car Keys 

Selected key machines can cut replacement keys for cars, vans and other vehicles. 

How our key machines work

Find our fast, convenient and reliable key machines all over the UK. They’re so easy to use!


Visit your local key machine, scan your keys, and the machine will cut as many copies as you need.

Accurate Copies

Our machines use state-of-the-art technology to offer the most accurate key cutting possible. 

Speedy Key Cutting

It takes our machines less than 3 minutes to cut your keys. It’s all so quick and easy!

Our key machines cut a wide variety of keys

No matter what kind of keys you need, our quick and easy machines can cut the precise copies you need. Including all of the following: 

House keys

Car keys

Van keys

Chubb keys

Garage keys

Padlock keys

Window keys

Locker keys

Office keys

Workplace keys

Frequently asked questions about key machines

How accurate are copies from your key machines?

Our key cutting machines use state-of-the-art technology to ensure each and every key is cut to within a fraction of a millimetre. You can rely on our machines to offer quality and precise keys every single time. 

Where can I find a key cutting machine?

You can find our key machines in supermarkets, shopping centres and other convenient locations all around the UK. Simply enter your postcode to find your nearest key cutting machine here.

How long does key cutting take?

It usually takes under 3 minutes to cut your keys at our machines. You can also cut as many copies as you need!

How do I pay for key cutting?

Simply pay for your keys directly at the key machine via contactless, credit or debit card. Please note, our kiosks are unable to take cash payments.

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