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Quality, precise watch repairs right on your doorstep.

From replacement batteries, to glass repairs, at Timpson we offer a huge range of watch repairs in-store or book your watch repair online below.


It’s always been more than a watch. Find your nearest store or book a watch repair online, your precious timepiece will always be in safe hands at Timpson.

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How Online Repairs Work

Don't panic if you can't make it into a Timpson store, our online repair service makes it easy for everyone to get their devices fixed.

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Our Repairs

For over 20 years, our skilled technicians have delivered quality, precise watch repairs with careful attention to detail. Here are just some of the services our experts can provide:

Battery & reseal

Mechanical servicing

Quartz service

Damaged glass repair

Leather straps

Link removal

Professional refurbishment

... and much more!

Check out our huge range of watch straps...

Why Choose Timpson?

Quality parts

Only parts of the highest quality are used in our repairs, to maintain our high standards.

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Quick repairs

Lead times vary, but we’ll always return your fixed watch as fast as we can.

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Full guarantee

All watch repairs have a 1 or 2-year warranty, while most battery replacements have a lifetime guarantee.


Master technicians

Our seasoned watchmakers are accredited by the most popular watch manufacturers.

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Premium watch repairs and servicing delivered by our Excellence Centre

Timpson’s in-store technicians can carry out simple watch repairs, but more complex issues will be sent to our Watch Repair Excellence Centre. This accredited state-of-the-art facility houses our most skilled, experienced watchmakers, capable of repairing and servicing the most complicated watches out there. 

Don’t wait until there’s a problem, arrange a fully-qualified servicing to keep your watch ticking for a lifetime. Our seasoned technicians will professionally clean, grease and oil your timepiece, and we recommend getting this done at least every 5 years. Show your watch some love and make a booking online or in-store!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which watches can you fix?

Our skilled technicians can repair all kinds of modern and vintage watches. If you can’t find your required service online, please either contact us or visit your local Timpson store for further assistance.

How long do your watch repairs take?

Lead times vary between repairs and can depend on the availability of parts. Most repairs can be completed within 5 workings days, but anything that needs to be sent to a third party will take longer. 

How much does a typical service cost?

A basic quartz service starts from £40. A service to a mechanical timepiece starts from around £85.

What happens if you can’t fix my watch?

We operate on a no fix, no fee basis. In the very unlikely event our technicians are unable to repair your watch, you will not be charged for this service.

What repairs can be done in my local Timpson store?

Our in-store technicians can do simpler fixes, such as quartz services, battery replacement and changing links. More complicated issues will be sent to our Watch Repair Excellence Centre.

What does a watch service involve?

The watchmaker will check for signs of damage, rust or wear and tear, stripping the watch down completely to oil, grease and clean all the moving parts. All these parts except for the dial & hands are put into a watch-cleaning basket and then into an ultrasonic cleaning machine. The watch case and back are cleaned in a separate ultrasonic tank. The watch is then re-assembled by a similar reversed process with all relevant parts being greased and oiled to manufacturers requirements and guidelines.

Where should I send my watch for repair?

Simply complete your order online, then print out your order confirmation to include with your watch. Please send this package to: Timpson, PO Box 7571, Wolverhampton, WV1 9JZ. Do not send the watch in its original box, as this may not be returned to you. 

Do your repairs come with a warranty?

Yes, all watch repairs come with at least a 1-year guarantee, while some are under warranty for 2 years. Most battery replacements come with a lifetime guarantee.

Do I need to book an in-store appointment?

No, Timpson stores operate solely on a walk-in basis, so there’s no need to contact us or make an appointment in advance.

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