Non-remote car keys

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Remote car keys

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Car Keys

Your car key is broken but you don't want to replace the whole key?  No problem because every Timpson store can replace the blade, the buttons and the casing of your current key at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

All of our stores can cut basic and chipped car / motorbike keys as they all have state of the art cloning machines.  Same-day service on most keys - however, if you require a specialist remote key for your vehicle you may be referred to one of our many specialist auto branches or your local Timpson Locksmith who will provide you with a fully working key and remote.

Replacement car key

Non-remote car keys

We can supply and cut chipped (transponder keys) non-remote keys for your vehicle the main difference being there are no remote functions on the key (this type of key is also known as a copy key).  Please call in to your nearest Timpson store for further information regarding your key.

Non remote car key

Remote car keys

We can supply, cut and program original remote control keys in our auto specialist stores. Our original keys are exactly the same as the keys you can buy from your main car dealer, the big benefit having Timpson cut and program your keys is they are on average 20% cheaper and can offer a more efficient programming service than the dealer.

Replacement remote car key

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