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Finding the perfect replacement watch straps has never been easier. Explore a huge selection of high-quality watch straps in all shapes, sizes and styles to refresh your favourite timepiece!

Replacement watch straps for all your favourite timepieces

Discover replacement watch straps for all the brands, types and styles you love the most. 

Shop the latest strap styles and colours for your precious Apple Watch. 

Find quality watch straps for all the most popular Fitbit devices. 

Keep it fresh with Google Pixel straps that perfectly suit your style. 

Browse colourful silicone watch straps to fit all kinds of Garmin watches.

Get replacement smartwatch straps for all the most popular devices.

Explore a small selection of soft, durable and comfy military watch straps. 

Choose a watch strap to match your style

From leather watch straps to shiny metal watch bands, our replacement watch straps are made with materials of the finest quality.  

Treat your watch to a new timeless and elegant leather watch strap. 

These rubber straps are the perfect mix of style and durability. 

Choose from a selection of metal watch strap colours and styles. 

Pick flexible silicone watch straps that are comfy and easy to wear. 

Shop vegan watch straps that are durable, sustainable and cruelty-free.

All Watch Straps

Check out our full selection of watch straps to find your perfect match. 

Affordable new watch straps that are made to last

Our replacement watch straps are made from strong, comfortable and durable materials that keep your watch looking fresh for years to come. 

Whether you love a timeless leather watch strap, a colourful silicone watch strap, or need a new Apple Watch strap, now you can turn back the hands of time and make your watch look as good as new.

This extensive selection of watch strap styles, materials and colours has a little something for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find watch straps that match your timepiece perfectly! 

Frequently asked questions about replacement watch straps

How do I know what size watch strap I need?

Choosing the right watch strap size is obviously very important, as it needs to be compatible with your watch and also fit you comfortably. There are two essential measurements you need to bear in mind when buying a new watch strap online: the lug width and the strap length. 

1. Lug width: this is the width of the gap where your strap attaches to your watch. Simply remove your current watch strap and measure the distance between both lugs to find out the width you need. 

2. Watch strap length: you can figure this out by either measuring the circumference of your wrist or choosing the same size as your current watch strap (so long as it fits comfortably). 

How do I change my watch strap?

You’ll need to remove the spring bars to release your watch strap from your timepiece, which you can do by using a spring bar tool. Simply repeat this process on the other side of your watch to remove both strap pieces. 

To install your replacement watch strap, load the spring bars into this new strap and then insert them between the lugs.

When will I receive my new watch strap?

Most watch straps will be home delivered within 2-3 working days, but you can find specific delivery info on each individual product page. 

Can you repair broken watch straps?

Timpson shops offer all kinds of professional repair services, and may be able to fix any damaged or faulty straps. Please bring your watch strap into your local Timpson shop and we’ll do our best to assist you. 

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