Proximity Key Fobs

Duplicate all kinds of access fobs at selected Timpson shops. It only takes a few minutes!


Duplicating access fobs is quick & easy with us

We can duplicate all kinds of RFID proximity key fobs, including these most popular fobs and much more!

Teardrop Key Fobs

We’re masters of duplicating all teardrop & bullet key fobs. 

Pear-shaped Key Fobs

Get quality duplicates for all pear-shaped access fobs. 

Door Entry Key Fobs

Duplicate key fobs to grant access through designated doors. 

Gate Entry Key Fobs

Our duplicate fobs can also control access through gates & other areas!

Why choose Timpson access fobs?

Fast duplication

Simply drop off your proximity fobs and we’ll make quick & easy duplicates while you shop. 

12-month guarantee

All duplicate access fobs come with a 1-year warranty to give you total peace of mind. 

Advanced technology

We use the latest cutting-edge technology to program and duplicate key fobs of the highest quality. 

Secure access control

Our duplicate key fobs grant the same access as the original and slot seamlessly into existing access control systems.

Frequently asked questions about proximity key fobs

How long does it take to duplicate a key fob?

Most key fobs can be duplicated in just a few minutes. Simply drop your fob off in our shops, go shopping for a bit, and then pop back in when it’s ready! 

Can you duplicate all kinds of proximity key fobs?

We can duplicate the vast majority of key fobs, but we can’t guarantee that duplication will always be possible. For example, if a key fob has been locked, we’ll be unable to program a duplicate for you. The specialists in our shops will examine your fob and advise whether they can provide a duplicate. 

Can you program my blank key fobs?

No, we only offer duplicates of existing key fobs and are unable to write on blanks. 

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