Think it’s broken? Think again.

Fix your phones, shoes, watches, car keys and so much more at your local Timpson store. You can even arrange some repairs online!

Looking for your local?

Don't worry, we get it. Sometimes things break, so we're here to fix your cracked phone screen, damaged car keys and more of the things you use every single day. 

Watch RepairsWatch Repairs

A broken watch is no good to anyone. Either bring it in or send it off for repair and servicing.

Car KeysCar Keys

The easy and affordable way to repair your broken car keys. Find your nearest store.

Phone RepairsPhone Repairs

Don’t panic, our phone repair service makes sure you won’t be without it for too long.

Shoe RepairsShoe Repairs

Bring your shoes back to life and find out more about our famous repair service. Let's make them soft and shiny again.

Key CuttingKey Cutting

Whether you need spares or something more specialised, our stores can cut or copy many types of keys.

Gate & Garage Door RemotesGate & Garage Door Remotes

Find a replacement remote for your gate or garage door. Available in-store only.

Clothing RepairsClothing Repairs

It’s not ruined just yet. Our repair and alteration service could save the clothes you’re not ready to part with.

Tablet RepairsTablet Repairs

Let’s get your faulty tablet in front of our experts. This service includes Apple, Samsung and other brands.

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