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Don’t settle for ordinary! One certainly doesn't fit all, so make your own custom signs and let your entrance really stand out from the crowd. Our custom-made signs are available in either brass or acrylic, ready for you to choose the exact size, shape and colour you need to make your bespoke sign truly unique and memorable. 

Design your own bespoke signs online by simply choosing an exact height and width, selecting your favourite font, and then entering the text or numbers you’d like to appear. Your made-to-measure sign will then be masterfully engraved by our specialists, and you’ll soon have a custom sign completely unlike anyone else’s. 

Create jaw-dropping bespoke signs for your home, business or anywhere else you need to display important information and draw the attention of passers-by. Just select your custom sign below to get started! 

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  1. Custom Sized Engraved Acrylic Signs
    Custom Sized Engraved Acrylic Signs
    As low as £11.00
  2. Custom Sized Brass Sign
    Custom Sized Brass Sign
    As low as £13.00
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Frequently asked questions about custom signs

What is a bespoke sign?

Bespoke signs are made to order, which means you can design your own perfect sign instead of picking a pre-made one. With a bespoke, custom-made sign, you’ll get to choose your own material, dimensions, colours, artwork and text. This allows you to create a sign fit for any occasion, location or style.

How do you make a custom sign?

To make your own custom sign on the Timpson website, all you need to do is click on your preferred sign material, such as brass or acrylic. Then, you’ll be taken to a page where you can modify the height, width, text, colour, font, font colour and fixings of your bespoke sign by interacting with the dropdown menus and text boxes. 

Once you’re happy with your selection, just click ‘Add to Basket’ and enjoy next working day delivery if you order before noon. 

How much does a custom-made sign cost?

Simply choose one of our acrylic house signs on this page and click on “personalise”. Next, you’ll be taken to a personalisation page, where you’ll input your house name or number in your desired font, size and colour. 

Once you’ve met the design requirements, simply add it to your cart and checkout! Most signs will be home-delivered within 5 working days. 

What can I use custom signs for?

Signs are essential for giving information to passers-by. This information could give directions, discuss an event, mark the location of a business, give opening hours or raise awareness about safety.

Whether you’re running a business, arranging a community event or simply decorating your property, custom signs are incredibly useful for communicating vital knowledge and generating interest. 

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