Shoe Polish & Creams

Bring some sparkle back to your footwear with our enormous selection of shoe polishes, waxes, creams and other care products. These premium shoe polishes will protect, nourish and shine your shoes in no time at all, bringing back the eye-catching gleam and glimmer they should always have.

For more shoe care accessories, check out our range of shoe laces, insoles, dyes and so much more.

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Frequently asked questions about shoe polish & creams

What is better shoe polish or cream?

Many use shoe polish due to the glossy finish it gives most leather shoes. However, shoe cream has a mixture of both waxes and oils, which help keep leather soft to prevent cracks from forming.

How long does cream shoe polish last?

Shoe polish is one of those investments that last a lifetime, even if it goes dry. Be sure to keep it stored in a cool and dry place to extend its longevity, and use it every month or so if you tend to wear the shoes you polish more often. 

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