Glass Trophy Awards

Ensure their achievement is crystal clear with an engraved glass trophy awards. This elegant, sophisticated style always looks fantastic on a display cabinet and is suitable for everything from victorious sports teams to impressive accomplishments in the workplace.

Browse our selection glass trophy awards to find perfect shapes and sizes, then add a personalised engraving to etch their name in glory forever. You might also want to look at our beautiful full selection of shields, medals, and other engraved trophies!

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  1. 25mm (1") Metal Trophy Centres for various sports
    25mm (1") Metal Trophy Centres

    Starting at £0.60

  2. Clear Blue Award (Available 3 Sizes)
    Clear Blue Award - (3 Sizes Available)

    Starting at £10.90

  3. Glass Golf Award (Available in 3 sizes)
    Glass Golf Award (Available in 3 sizes)

    Starting at £35.50

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Frequently asked questions about glass trophy awards

What are glass trophy awards?

A glass trophy is the ultimate award anyone could receive, and are widely recognised as a premium award for an achievement. Glass trophies, after all, have a luxurious look and feel, and the effortlessly upgrade what seems like a traditional awards ceremony into a premium one. Plus, they work well in almost all decor settings because they’re totally clear! So you won’t need to worry about clashing colours. 

What do you write on a glass trophy award?

Try to keep your message as simple as possible. Each glass trophy award has a character limit, depending on the trophy you select from our product range. You could consider only having a date as this will already have meaning to the person receiving the award. 

When should I present a glass trophy award?

There are many instances where you’ll want to go the extra mile and get a personalised engraved glass trophy over a traditional one. You can gift an engraved glass trophy for any occasion - but here are some ideas of when you can present one to help you out:

  • Company awards
  • Leadership awards
  • Teamwork awards
  • Premium sports tournaments
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