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Don’t cramp their style, find a charming engraved pet tag and make sure they look pawsome instead - while also making sure all the necessary info is on there! This selection of stylish pet tags will add a pop of colour to any pooch’s collar, all easy to personalise so they can really show off their cheeky character.

Explore our full range of quirky shapes, colours and patterns below, and make sure you’ve got the best-dressed pet on the street. If you’re buying a gift for another pet owner, you might also be interested in our personalised keyrings, zippos or other amazing engraved gifts!

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Find perfect high-quality pet tags online

Order selected pet tags before 12pm to enjoy next-day home delivery! 

Fun Tag Designs

Discover a great selection of cute, quirky and colourful pet tags in sizes for all your furry friends.  

Premium Quality

Our durable pet tags are crafted from light, comfortable materials that are made to last.

Free Engraving

Engrave pet tags with your name, address and other important info at no additional cost. 

Engraved pet tags for dogs, cats and other furry friends

Pet tags are important for all kinds of reasons, and your furry friends deserve the very best. 

Our premium personalised pet tags are strong, lightweight, practical and durable, designed to keep your pets safe and comfortable in style. 

Thanks to our free engraving service, you can personalise your tag with your name, address and contact info, which will help your pets return home if they ever get a little lost on their walkies (and also make them feel like part of the family!). 

Each of our different designs can be customised as much as you like. No matter what kind of personality your pooch has - quiet and loyal or true golden retriever energy - there’s a style out there to suit your adorable furry friends!

Making personalised engraved pet tags is easy with us

Creating your own pawfect pet tags couldn’t be easier. Simply explore our range of pet tag designs and colours, add your personalised text online, play around with fonts and our expert engravers will use advanced techniques to provide clear, long-lasting engravings. 

Ordering engraved pet tags online is also quick and convenient, while you can even enjoy next-day home delivery if you place your order before 12pm. 

Every pet tag is crafted from durable, high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous quality checks before it’s delivered to your door! 

Frequently asked questions about engraved pet tags

Why do my dogs need an ID tag?

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales must wear an ID tag in public places. Even if your dogs are microchipped, they still need to wear an ID tag that helps them find their way home if they ever get lost. 

What information should I put on my pet tag?

By law, all dogs out in public must wear a collar with the pet owner’s name and address (including postcode) engraved/written on it. Adding this information gives your furry friend a much better chance of being returned home safely if they go missing. 

Including your telephone number is optional, but we highly recommend adding this information to your tag where possible, as this means you can be contacted quickly in an emergency. You could also include any important medical needs, microchipping info, or a special message for your pet. 

Does my cat need a pet tag?

Even though your cat will be microchipped, it’s also a good idea for them to wear a pet tag just in case they get lost. While microchips can only be read with a special scanner, pet tags engraved with your name, address and phone number make it easy for anyone to find your contact details in case your cat ever gets lost. 

What size pet tag do I need?

The size of your pet tag usually depends on the size and breed of your pet, as well as what kind of style you want to go for. You also need to make sure that you have enough space to engrave all your info, and that the tag is the right size to keep your pet comfortable.  

For example, if you have a large dog, a 30mm pet tag probably suits them best. However, ff you have a small dog or a cat, then a smaller 20mm pet tag will be perfect for them. 

Can I get fined if my dog doesn’t wear a dog tag?

Yes, you can be fined up to £5,000 if your dog is out in public without a dog tag, or if the tag doesn’t include the necessary information. 

Do I need a dog tag even if my dog is microchipped?

Yes. Although it’s now a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped, it’s still also a legal requirement for your dog to wear a readable ID tag. 

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