Silver Salvers

Mark that momentous occasion with a glimmering silver salver. The perfect award for triumphant sports teams or recognising corporate achievements, our sparkling salvers will be a cherished addition to their display cabinet for years to come.

Browse a selection of silver salvers in all shapes and sizes (including round and Chippendale styles), then add a personalised engraving to etch their name in glory forever. You might also want to look at our beautiful cups, medals, mini awards and other engraved trophies!

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Frequently asked questions about silver salvers

What is the difference between a silver salver and a tray?

A salver is a flat serving tray, usually made of metal and gifted when someone has achieved something or is displayed for formal occasions. Unlike other trays, silver salvers don't have handles and are usually round or oval. Salvers typically have a decorative rim or edge to prevent items from falling off.

Trays, in a traditional sense, are used almost exclusively for carrying items and come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Its defining feature is that it usually has handles so you can carry them around. 

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