Photo Crystals

Make sure they can hold on to their most important moments forever with a stunning photo crystal. Turn their favourite photos into a thoughtful, personal gift they’ll be desperate to unwrap and give pride of place.

Beautifully laser-engraved with an image that will never fade, add your photo to create the perfect crystal for a birthday, anniversary and other special occasions. You can also keep things personal with our personalised pens, tankards and hip flasks!

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Frequently asked questions about engraved photo crystals

What is a photo crystal?

2D and 3D photo crystals allow you to preserve your most precious memories in a stunning, high-quality crystal block. This is achieved through laser engraving, which will imprint a perfect replica of your photo in the crystal. Your photos will then last a lifetime encased in this glittering crystal block, ready to be displayed and cherished for many years to come. 

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is the process of using lasers to remove microscopic layers of material, creating permanent marks. The laser is focused below the surface of the transparent material to remove these layers by vaporising them with high heat. The laser therefore acts like a precise chisel that creates the exact image you want on your material.

How long do photo crystals last?

Our high-quality engraved photo crystal will last a lifetime! You won’t need to worry about your photo degrading over time, as our laser engraving process creates deep and permanent marks to form your photo crystal. 

Are photo crystals the perfect gift?

Photo crystals are ideal for any special occasion. Choose a photo of the happy couple to create a beautiful and thoughtful wedding gift, or pick a treasured photo with friends or family to design a birthday gift that’ll bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Make it crystal clear just how much the recipient means to you with one of our stunning photo crystals.  

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