Shoe Heel Grips & Cushions

Make sure the shoe fits with our comfortable shoe heel grips and cushions. Great for relieving pressure, preventing pain and reducing friction, our soft and plushy shoe heel cushions can easily be slotted into all types of footwear. 

Treat your feet and keep them snug with our excellent selection of shoe heel grips below. If you really want to look after them, then you can also explore our premium shoe insoles, aerosols, stretchers and many more shoe care accessories to make them even cosier! 

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Frequently asked questions about shoe heel grips

How do I keep my heels from slipping out of my shoes?

Are your favourite shoes slightly too large? You can still wear them comfortably with our suede heel grips. These heel cushions can be placed at the back of your shoes to improve their fit and prevent your feet from slipping out. Plus, this soft material prevents friction and relieves pressure to ensure you can wear your shoes all day and night.

Do shoe heel grips really work?

Absolutely! If you’re struggling to make large or uncomfortable shoes work for you, shoe heel grips could be the perfect solution for you. Heel grips reduce friction and prevent your feet from slipping out of your shoes, which are the main problems you’ll encounter with too-large shoes. 

Do shoe heel grips make shoes tighter?

By making the heel narrower and pushing your feet slightly forwards, heel grips can make your shoes tighter and prevent your feet from slipping out. This is ideal if you’ve got shoes that are too large for you. 

What are shoe heel pads used for?

Heel pads are fantastic for relieving heel pain. These soft, comfortable pads can be placed around your heel or on the bottom of your shoe to relieve pressure on your foot, cushion uncomfortable shoes and absorb shock. 

Do shoe heel pads help with plantar fasciitis?

Thanks to the support and comfort they provide, heel pads are commonly used by those with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and flat feet. Heel pads help people with these conditions by making shoes more comfortable, absorbing shock when walking and giving more support to the affected area of the foot. 

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