Brass Zippo Lighters

Enjoy a smooth, shiny and stylish finish with our selection of brass Zippo lighters. These classic designs are the perfect gift for anyone after a more traditional, vintage look, but you can add some unique character by personalising with your own engraving. All Zippo lighters are windproof - thanks to their unique and long-standing design - and they also come with a lifetime guarantee! 

Find even more stunning Zippos in chrome, matte and electric colours, or complete your gift with the perfect lighter accessories.

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Frequently asked questions about brass Zippo lighters

Will my brass Zippo lighter tarnish?

Each brass Zippo lighter comes with a protective coating which will help to stop it from tarnishing. This will wear off with normal and regular use, although we think it adds to its charm!

How do you clean a brass Zippo? 

Dulled brass that has lost its shine over the years can be brought back to life with a touch of brass polish. But whatever you do, don’t use a steel scouring pad as this can leave irreversible scratch marks!

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