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Timpson is pleased to offer you a simple and convenient alternative to visiting one of our local branches. Your watch can be sent to our Watch repair Excellence Centre and will be repaired by one of our fully skilled watch technicians with over 20 years' experience in the watch repair industry. Our watch repair service includes free return standard postage. If you have any queries regarding your order or require any assistance please contact
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Watch Battery Reseal

If your watch needs a battery, here at Timpson we have the expertise to change batteries in all brands of watches. We will also reseal to the manufacturer's specifications and can pressure test at our Excellence Centre up to 1200 Metres! The batteries that we use are the highest quality swiss batteries. We recommend that you change your battery every two years to check for natural deterioration of lubricants and seals and possible damage to glass, crown and case.

Mechanical Service

If your watch does not require a battery to function and has completely stopped working, is losing or gaining time then it will most likely need to be serviced. As with our quartz repairs we have a team of highly skilled repairers to carry out the work needed to repair your timepiece. Mechanical watches will need to have the movement removed from the case along with the dial and hands. We will then strip down the movement part by part and clean all of the parts to remove any oils and dirt. As we reassemble the movement we will oil and lubricate all necessary parts until the movement is completely assembled again. We then refit the dial and hands so that we can time and regulate your watch. Once this is done and your watch is returned to its case we then brush and ultrasonically clean all case and bracelets.

Quartz Service

If your watch has stopped working or there has been any damage to the glass, outer casing or crown and the battery is not at fault, then we would recommend a service. In all cases you may be assured that we have a team of highly skilled Watch Technicians with over 150 years experience to conduct the repair on your timepiece. To ensure the watch is returned to you as quickly as possible we will generally fit a complete new movement, however if a movement is not available then your original movement will be disassembled and cleaned, replacing any of the movement parts that need replacing. We will fit a new battery, free of charge and gaskets will be replaced to ensure the water resistancy of the watch. If your watch has a case and bracelet they will be brushed and ultrasonically cleaned. We then place all of our watches on test to ensure that they meet our quality control standards.


If the glass on your watch is badly damaged or cracked, we would always recommend that you also have a full service. This is because the watch has been open to the elements which can damage movements and some small fragments of glass may have entered the watch. When we replace the glass we will always replace seals and pressure test your watch to the manufacturers guidelines.

Watch Refurb and Polish

Over time, your watch can develop small scratches and general wear and tear due to everyday use. Here at Timpson we have a jeweller with over 40 years experience that can remove your case from the bracelet, your movement, dial and hands will then be removed by a Watch Technician and placed in a secure container to prevent any dust or damage. The jeweller will then polish and refurbish your case and bracelet removing any minor scratches and replacing any pins that are worn in your bracelet. We will then reassemble your timepiece and it will remain on test for 24 hours to be assured that it meets our quality control standards.

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