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Our stores are OPEN! We are still here providing you with great service while keeping all of our staff and customers safe. The social distancing measures we have put in place will ensure that we do the best we can to respect the safety and welfare of our customers and colleagues.

We look forward to serving you again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 16th June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What measures are you taking to keep customers and your colleagues as safe as possible? 
A: Similar to shopping at supermarkets, and in line with government guidance we have carried out a risk assessment on each shop and we have introduced social distancing controls at our re-opened shops. We’re strictly limiting the number of customers in-store at any one time, and so you may find you need to queue if you visit the shop. To help remind everyone to respect each other’s personal space, we have floor markers and helpful social distancing signage throughout the shop together with perspex sneeze-screens at our tills. Our colleagues have been briefed on regular cleaning processes and we have hand sanitiser available. Our branch colleagues have all been trained how to use and supplied with appropriate sanitising materials and PPE and will be regularly sanitising their hands throughout the day.

Q: What personal protective equipment is available to your colleagues?
A: We are providing face masks for our colleagues if they decide to use them. Advice from Public Health England is currently that the use of masks is optional and that gloves and eye protection should not be used except where needed for other reasons – such as when servicing some of the machinery that we use.

Q: What are you doing to support your colleagues?
A: These are challenging times for everyone but we are fortunate that we have always promoted a caring and supportive culture within our family business. In addition to the support provided by our area support teams, we have also set up a dedicated Wellness Team to look after all of our colleagues, whether working or not. The Wellness Team ensure that we can help any colleague with concerns they have whether financial, emotional or health-related.

Q: Which services are available in your re-opened shops?
A: We expect to be able to offer all of our services where we re-open. However, where something is not available or takes longer than usual we will let you know.

Q: Are you accepting cash and contactless payments?
A: Yes, both payment methods are available. If cash is your preferred payment method then please note that we have hand sanitiser available for both customers and colleagues.

Q: How will my items be handled and returned to me to ensure that they are as safe as possible?
A: Our branch colleagues have all been trained how to use and supplied with appropriate sanitising materials and PPE and will be regularly sanitising their hands throughout the day.

Q: How many people are allowed in your shop at any one time?
A: Our shops vary in size so the space of your local shop will determine how many customers are allowed in at any one time. Available customer standing positions will be marked by footprint stickers on the floor.

Q: What are you doing to support the elderly, vulnerable and NHS workers?
A: Whilst on furlough many of our colleagues have been using their time to support the NHS and the vulnerable by doing things from driving ambulances to making face masks.

Q: Are your opening hours the same?
A: No, at first, we are opening for slightly reduced hours. Please check our store finder here for details of your shop.

Q: How long will it take for my items to be ready?
A: Where at all possible we will be able to serve you just as quickly as normal. If, for reasons out of our control, any of our services do take longer then we will keep you informed.

Q: When I bring in my laundry and dry cleaning are you still accepting coat hangers back for re-use / recycling?
A: No, to help minimize the risk of spreading the virus we are not accepting hangers for recycling at this time.

Q: Can I still bring my laundry and dry cleaning in my own bags / clothes carrier?
A: At this time, we would encourage customers to bring their garments in a carrier bag which they will take away with them. All cleaned garments will be returned in new Polyrobe. We are reviewing the use of garment carriers to ensure we are giving our customers the best protection possible.

Q: Will my laundry and dry cleaning be sanitised?
A: All laundry will now include a free sanitising process during cleaning. This process has been tested & will kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses. The dry cleaning process has also been tested & will also kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses.

Q: Does dry cleaning kill the COVID-19 virus?
A: Our dry cleaning process kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses however independent research is currently being conducted on COVID 19 to prove this conclusively.

Q: Does laundry kill the COVID-19 virus?
A: Research conducted by the University of Northumbria in 2019 confirmed that our sanitation process killed all bacteria & viruses. Independent research is currently being conducted on COVID 19 to prove this conclusively.

Q: Your photo kiosks have touch screens. How are you keeping them safe?
A: Our branch colleagues will clean all touch screens throughout the day with antibacterial wipes after customer use.

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