Key Identification Help

We want to help you find the correct key.  First step is to enter your key number from your key or off your lock into the search box.  Most cylinder front door locks (Yale type) and mortice keys don’t have codes and need to be cut by taking into one of our shops.

Q: How can you cut a key with a number only?
A: Many lock manufacturers record the cutting depths and details of keys we then purchase and maintain software databases of a vast number of key codes, this data base works with our key cutting machines to accurately cut keys to code.

Q: Where can I find my Code ?
A: For office desk drawers and filing cabinets the code is usually stamped on the lock but quite often will be on the key as well.

Garage Door Handles

A lot of the time the number is stamped on the front of the lock right by where you put the key in.  In some cases, mainly on old style handles, the number may be stamped on the side of the square spindle at the back on the handle.

High security door locks

Premium high security front door locks such as Magnum, Yale Superior,Cisa, Iseo, Garrison,ABS and Mul-T-Lock give you a key code card.  All we need is this code number from your card to be able to cut a new key for you.

Roof Rack keys

Most roof rack keys have the number stamped on the front of the lock next to the key hole.


The vast majority of padlock keys cannot be cut to code.  However high security ones with code cards like Abus and Mul-T-Lock can be done with the code number.

Window Locks

Only a few window keys have a code number stamped on them. However we may be able to help if you can email an image of your original key to us/

Online key cutting questions

Q: Do you need the whole number?
A: Yes, please enter the whole number. If you have any queries please email us.

Q: I keep putting my key number in but your site says not recognised. Can you help me? A: Please check you are searching in the correct section – for example, “Filing cabinet keys” or use the general product search at the top of our website. The data base we have is so big we simply cannot put every code onto our website. Please email the details of your key should you not be able to find it in our search function.

Q: Do all locks have key numbers?
A: No. Most cylinder front door locks (Yale type) don’t have key codes. The same goes for most mortice key locks.

Q: What if I don’t have a key number? A: If you don’t have a key number, but you still have an existing key then please call into your nearest Timpson store and let them cut you a new one from your original.

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