Help on uploading key numbers

If you are ordering many codes for a particular range then importing from a file is quick and easy.  You can import your list of keys in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. Column A should be the key numbers and column B must be the quantity of each that you want to order.  You can only add keys from one range of keys at a time. If ordering from more than one range you will need to repeat with a different CSV file for each key range.

Order keys online

Step 1:  Create your list in Excel

Enter your key numbers in the first column of your Excel spreadsheet and the quantity of each key in the second column.
Please do not add any characters such as colons, spaces or semi-colons.
Please do not add a header to your columns - there is no need to add "Key numbers" and "Quantity" at the top just start listing your key numbers and quantity of each as shown in the example.

Creating your keys to code list

Step 2:  Save as a CSV file

When you save your file simply select "Save as", give your file a simple name and then change the format to "Comma Separated Values (.csv)".

Save your file

Step 3:  Accept the CSV warning

Simply accept Excel's warning that the CSV format does not support all features.

Creating CSV file

Step 4:  Upload your CSV file on our website

Find the correct range of keys on our website and then click on "Choose files" to select your file and then "Upload Data".
If you are ordering keys from several ranges you will need to use separate files for each range.

Select your saved file

Step 5:  Check your order

Your CSV file will be imported and displayed as shown. Please check it is correct before adding to your basket.
At this stage you can make changes manually - changing quantities, key numbers, removing rows or adding more rows.  You can also upload additional CSV files so long as the key numbers are for the same range.

Imported keys to code

Numbers from another range

At this stage numbers from another range will not show an error until you Add to Basket at which point we check your data.

Code out of range

In case of error messages

If you have entered text, symbols or a number which is not in the key range of the page you are on then an error message will be shown when you Add to Basket.
Please check that any numbers you have are included in the "key range" on the "Additional Information" tab below the product image. Simply select the bin icon to clear the line with an error and then "Add to Basket" again.

Key number error

What about keys that can't be ordered online?

Not all keys can be ordered online by entering their number - particularly Yale and Mortice house keys which need to be taken to one of our stores for cutting. For further information please checkout out these FAQs.

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