Required photo dimensions: 47mm x 36mm.
1photos will need to be submitted
A plain background is needed for your photos

Photo must be no more than 6 months old
There must be no shadows in the background.
Both monochrome and colour photos are acceptable
The distance between the top of the head without hair and the bottom of the chin must be 32-36mm (445–500 px) in the photo.
There must be no less than 4 mm (56 px) and no more than 6 mm (84 px) of space above the crown of the subject's head.
There must be no less than 7 mm (96 px) and no more than 9 mm (124 px) of space below the subject's chin.
The subject's head must be in the centre of the photograph so that the centre line of the subject's face deviates from the centre line of the photograph by no more than 1.5 mm (21 px).
If the subject has a large volume of hair, it is essential to make sure that in the photo the distance between the bottom of the chin and the top of the head corresponds to the values given above.
The photo must show a full front view of the subject’s face with the head centred and both the face and the shoulders turned straight towards the camera.
The head must be straight and in the middle of the photo.
Both the head and the shoulders must be turned straight towards the camera.
Portrait-style photos where the subject looks over one shoulder are not acceptable.
The photo must be taken straight from the front, not from higher up, lower down or from the side.
The subject must look straight at the camera.
The photo must show the subject’s full face, with eyes open and clearly visible.
The expression must be neutral.
The mouth must be closed.
The eyes must be open and clearly visible
The photo must show the subject’s full face; e.g. garments or hair must not cover any part of the face.
Eyes must be clearly visible
Tinted glasses and eye patches are allowed only for medical reasons
The face must be clearly distinguishable against the background.
Other people or objects must not be visible in the photo.
The lighting must be uniform: the face and the background must be free of shadows
The red-eye effect must be prevented.
The colour of the lighting must be natural, not bluish or reddish, for example.
The photo must not be over or under-exposed
The photo must be printed on high-quality photo paper.
The photo must be sharp and in focus; it must not be blurred or grainy.
The photo must be clean: no scratches, stains or creases are allowed.
No manipulation or retouch of the photo is allowed
In the case of babies, the eyes need to be open
If providing digitally, the image must be 500 x 653 pixels in Jpg or Jpeg format and with a file size no bigger than 250kb

Photo must be no more than 6 months old
The size of your face in the photos should be between 32 and 36mm measured from the opt of the head (not including the hair) to the base of the chin.
The contrast must be such that the facial features are clearly discernible
Your head should be in the centre of the photo
Both your head as well as your shoulders should be facing the camera
No portrait style photos with profiles of special effects will be accepted
Your expression must be neutral and your mouth closed so that your teeth are not visible
Your eyes must be wide open but not unnaturally so No part of your face should be covered by any headgear or hair
Glasses should not be worn for the photo
Lighting must be uniform and there should not be any dark patches or spots in the photo
Natural light should be used and any tints will not be acceptable
There should be no red eyes effect caused by the use of a flash
It must be printed on top quality paper and be clear with a sharp focus
No scratches, stains or other marks should be visible
Digital retouching or other modification of photos is not allowed as this will affect the viability of face recognition software.

Dimensions : 47mm x 36mm
Number of Photos Required: 1
Background Requirements: plain grey background


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