Required photo dimensions : Min 35mm x 45mm – Max 38mm x 50mm.
4 photos will need to be submitted
A light coloured background is needed for your photos

Head size 70-80%.
Head coverings for religious reasons only.
Black & White is recommended, but colour photos are accepted.
Photos must be in sharp focus and correctly exposed.
Shadows from the head must not appear in the background.
‘Red eye’ in photographs is not acceptable.
Digital enhancements or changes are not acceptable.
Good colour balance and natural skin tones are essential.
Photos must be printed on photo-quality paper at a high resolution.
Your expression should be neutral with both eyes open and mouth closed.
There should be no hair covering your eyes.
If glasses are worn they should be of clear glass so that the eyes are clearly visible.
Hairbands should not be worn.
In the case of babies, the eyes do not need to be open

Digital photo requirements
Should comply with standard Irish passport photo specifications additionally the image:
Cannot be less than 715 pixels wide and 951 pixels high.
The file type should be JPEG.
Image file size should not exceed 9MB.
Image must allow additional room for cropping (Mid torso is ideal).

Same as Passport Photos (see above)
Number of Photos Required: 1

From Oct 2015 a New Passport Card is now available, this allows them to visit up to 30 Selected countries within the EU without carrying a Normal passport.
Application for the card can be done online.
The picture needs to be jpg.
Max file size 5MB.
The online software does allow them to crop and zoom to get the required size.
Head centred in the photo with a front pose (head not tilted).
Neutral Expression, mouth closed, no smiling.
No Shadowing on the face or around the eyes.
Ensure EYES are CLEARLY VISIBLE and not obscured by hair or glasses. You may remove your glasses.
Photo must be IN FOCUS.
Natural colouring, photo not too bright or too dark.
Headwear is not permitted unless worn for religious purposes.
Uniforms, civil or military (e.g. showing epaulettes, insignia) should not be worn.

Background Requirements: plain background, light colour (white or pale grey)


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