Passport Photo Requirements forKosovo

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Last updated/checked : 28/02/2019

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Passport Requirements

Required photo dimensions : 50 x 50 mm
2photos will need to be submitted
Ato be taken against a white backgroundis needed for your photos

Applicant must face the camera directly, with eyes looking straight at the camera.
The face must cover about 50% of the area of the photograph.
The head of the applicant should be shown from the crown to the tip of the chin on top and bottom, and from hairline side-to-side.
The ears must be exposed.
The head should measure between 25mm to 35mm with the eye level between 28mm and 35mm from the bottom of the photograph.
Photographs may be either in color or black and white.
No head coverings (hats, scarves, etc.), except for religious purposes.
No sunglasses.
Photographs should be printed without borders.
In the case of babies eyes can be closed.

Visa Requirements

Same as passport (see above).

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