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Samsung tablet repairs done the right way. Every single online repair will be sent tech centre, where our engineers will fix your tablet with genuine parts. our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

Don't see your tablet? We also offer high-quality iPad repairs and other tablet repairs!

How to book a Samsung tablet repair

1. Book your Samsung tablet repair online

Pick your Samsung tablet device above and the repair you require. You’ll need to supply your passcode so that we can access your Samsung tablet for repair.

2. Back up your Samsung tablet

Back up your Samsung tablet and remove any SIM cards, SD cards, cases or covers before sending it to us. We also recommend restoring to factory settings if you can’t share the passcode with us. 

3. Post your Samsung tablet to us

Once you've ordered a Samsung tablet repair, we'll email you simple instructions on how to post your tablet to us. To start, just pop it in a secure box along with a printout of your order confirmation!

4. Wait for your tablet to be fixed

When your Samsung tablet has been received in our workshop, our engineers will diagnose the main problems and fix your tablet with genuine Samsung parts. 

5. Receive your device back within 2-5 working days

Get your tablet back in just a matter of days. We’ll also send you an email when it’s on its way!

Samsung tablet repair services we offer online

Above are just some of the Samsung tablets we can repair online, but you can repair even more Samsung tablets and Phones in your local Timpson shop!

Frequently asked questions about Samsung tablet repairs

Are Samsung tablets repairable?

Yes - particularly with our expertly trained Samsung technicians! We’ve salvaged some rather damaged Samsung tablets in the past using genuine replacement parts for screens, batteries and much more. 

Is it worth it to repair a Samsung tablet?

Deciding whether to repair your Samsung tablet will depend on how damaged the device is, its age, and the repair cost versus the price of a replacement. It’s common to repair instead of buying new - as it’s far cheaper and better for the planet! Plus, you won’t have to worry about transferring your data across, which can be quite a hassle when getting set up with a new one.

How much does it cost to repair a Samsung tablet?

Our diagnostic service starts from just £20, and services can go up to approximately £140 - depending on the model and severity of the problem with your Samsung tablet.

Where can I take my Samsung tablet to be fixed?

You can take your Samsung tablet to almost any Timpson near you to be fixed. However, if you don’t have one in your local area - don't worry! Simply use our online Samsung tablet repair service and send your device directly to us.

Can you get a Samsung tablet screen fixed?

Yes, you can typically get a Samsung tablet screen fixed from small scratches all the way through to cracks and chips. This may involve replacing some elements, or the entire screen depending on the damage.

What is the average lifespan of a Samsung tablet?

Samsung tablets can last up to five years, but this can vary depending on how much it’s used. If you’re out of warranty - we can help fix any issues you may be experiencing with your Samsung tablet. You’ll get a warranty to cover any accidental damage by our craftsmanship too.

Not sure if your Samsung tablet is wearing down? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Isn’t compatible with the latest Android update
  • Crashing apps
  • Low storage
  • Incompatible accessories
  • Decreased battery life
  • Display issues
  • Broken or unresponsive buttons

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