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Stop tying yourself up in knots, and find the replacement shoe laces you’ve been searching for. Great for replacing older laces or freshening up your style, our selection includes high-quality, fashionable laces for formal shoes, trainers, boots and more of your favourite footwear.

Put your best foot forward and browse our great range of colours, sizes and materials today. We also offer fantastic shoe polishes, dyes and other accessories designed to breathe new life into your most cherished shoes.

Are your favourite shoes starting to look old and worn? We also offer in-store shoe repair services that’ll restore your shoes to their former glory!

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Frequently asked questions about replacement shoe laces

What is the hole that laces go through?

The holes on your shoes that you thread shoe laces through are called eyelets.

What size shoe laces do I need?

The shoe lace length you need depends on how many eyelets your shoes have. For example, shoes with 3-5 pairs of eyelets will need around 60cm, and shoes with 7-8 pairs of eyelets need roughly 100cm. While shopping for shoe laces on the Timpson site, you’ll see the length of each product and the number of eyelets this corresponds to. 

What are the ends of shoe laces called?

The metal or plastic tips at the end of shoe laces are called aglets. This is derived from the middle English term used to describe the metal ends on ropes, which were made by dipping the rope in molten metal. Aglets make it easier to thread shoe laces through the eyelets on your shoes. 

Are round or flat shoe laces better?

Your choice will mainly depend on personal preference, but flat shoe laces may be better for shoes used for multidirectional sports like tennis and football. However, round shoe laces tend to be denser and more rigid, which makes them more durable and long-lasting. 

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