Classic Zippo Lighters

Some things just never go out of style. From brushed brass to polished chrome, classic Zippo lighters still never fail to make an impression. Explore our full range of traditional colours and designs below, then personalise your chosen lighter to create a Zippo unlike any other.

The classic Zippo lighter has stood the test of time thanks to its ingenious design that allows a flame to be lit in an instant, and stay lit without being blown out by the wind! Want to put a personal touch on a Zippo lighter? We can personalise it with a special name or date!

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Frequently asked questions about classic Zippo lighters

What’s the difference between classic and slim Zippo lighters?

The classic design of Zippo lighter is the standard one from years gone by, and is the most popular out there. The slimmer design is for those who prefer something more lightweight in their hand.

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