Huawei Phone Repair

Enjoy fast, quality Huawei phone repairs and bring your device back to life. Whether it's a cracked Huawei phone screen or a faulty battery, our highly experienced phone technicians offer a huge range of Huawei phone repairs for everything from the P Series to the Mate or Honor Series. 

Getting your Huawei phone repaired is really easy with us. You can either simply bring it to your local Timpson shop for repair, or book a Huawei repair online and post your device to us. We also repair phones made by Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola!

Select your Huawei phone to start your repair

Huawei P Series

How to book your Huawei phone repair

Our postal Huawei repair service is available nationwide,  just follow these easy steps:

1. Book your Huawei repair online

Pick your phone model and the repair service you require. Before we can carry out the repair, you’ may need to give us your passcode so we can access your phone. 

2. Back up your Huawei phone 

Before you hand it over to us, you’ll need to do a full backup, remove any SIM cards, SD cards, covers and cases. If you’re not able to share the passcode with us, you may want to perform a full factory reset. 

3. Post your phone to us 

Once you’re all booked in, you’ll receive an email from us with easy-to-follow instructions. Simply pop your phone in a sealed box and post it to us, along with a printed copy of your order confirmation. 

4. We’ll carry out the repairs

Once we receive it, your Huawei phone will be repaired by our skilled technicians.

5. Get it back within 2-5 working days

You won’t be without your device for long - we’ll have it back to you within 2-5 working days of receiving it. We’ll also send you an email when it’s on its way. 


Huawei phone repairs we offer

Whether it’s a cracked Huawei screen repair or a Huawei battery replacement, our Huawei phone repairs include all of the following:

  • Huawei screen repair
  • Huawei battery replacement
  • Huawei back cover replacement
  • Huawei phone diagnostics

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us to find out how we can help repair your Huawei.


Huawei phone repairs for all the latest devices

From the Huawei P Series to the Huawei Honor Series, our skilled technicians offer high-quality screen repairs, battery replacements and other Huawei phone repairs for a huge range of devices. This page includes a full list of the Huawei phones we can repair online - but you can bring other devices into your local Timpson shop!

Frequently asked questions about Huawei phone repairs

Is it worth it to fix a Huawei phone?

No matter what kind of repair you need, here at Timpson we can fix pretty much any Huawei phone. Whether it’s a screen repair, battery replacement, or simply running a diagnostics, repairing can be a great alternative to buying a new device. There’s also no faff with transferring over your data or getting used to a new phone!

You don’t even have to visit one of our branches either - just use our online repair service and post your phone to us to get it repaired and back to you within days.

Is it cheaper to fix a Huawei phone or buy a new one? 

In most cases, Huawei phone repairs are much cheaper than buying a brand-new phone, especially if it's a newer device which just needs a quick and simple repair (like a cracked screen).

However, Huawei repair prices will depend on the age and damage of your specific device, so you can make a more informed decision once our technicians have examined your device and calculated the total cost for you. 

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