Motorola Phone Repair

Motorola phone on the blink? Not to worry, our experienced technicians offer all kinds of Motorola phone repairs, so we'll have it back up and running in no time. Whether it's a Motorola screen repair, battery replacement or something else you need, we use replacement parts of the highest quality for every single repair we do. 

Enjoy quick and convenient Motorola phone repairs in your local Timpson shop, or simply select your phone model below, book a repair online, and send your phone to us in the post. We also repair Apple, Samsung, Google and Huawei phones!

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How to book your Motorola phone repair 

You can enjoy our quick, high-quality Motorola phone repairs all over the UK. From Motorola screen replacements to full diagnostic assessments, just follow these simple steps to enjoy Motorola phone repairs by post!

1. Book your Motorola phone repair online

To get started, simply select your Motorola phone above, choose the repair you need, and then place your order online. We’ll also need your passcode to access the device for repair. 

2. Back up your Motorola phone

Back up all your data - this is crucial to avoid losing anything! You’ll also need to remove any SIM cards, SD cards, cases and covers before posting it to us. We also recommend restoring to factory settings if you’re not able to share your passcode with us.

 3. Post your Motorola phone to use

Once you’ve booked your repair, we’ll email postage instructions to you. Simply pop your phone into a sealable box along with a printed copy of your order confirmation, and then follow the instructions!

4. Wait for your Motorola phone to be fixed

Once your phone arrives at our workshop, our team of experienced technicians will thoroughly examine the device and repair it using high-quality replacement parts. 

5. Receive your repaired Motorola phone

Most Motorola phone repairs are completed and sent back within 2 to 5 working days, and we'll always send an email when it's on its way back to you. 


Motorola phone repair services we offer

Below are just some of the Motorola phone repair services you can expect from us:

  • Motorola screen repair
  • Motorola battery replacement
  • Motorola charging port repair
  • Motorola internal replacement parts
  • Motorola diagnostic assessments


We repair all kinds of Motorola phones

From the E5 to the G8, our experienced technicians offer Motorola phone repairs for all kinds of devices. On this page, you can see a full list of the Motorola phones we repair online, but you can take other devices into your local Timpson shop for repair!

Frequently asked questions about Motorola phone repairs

Why should I repair my Motorola phone?

In most cases, Motorola phone repairs are more cost-effective than buying a brand-new device, while the repairs we offer are also quick, convenient and use high-quality replacement parts. While the age and damage of your phone will obviously be a factor, our skilled technicians can fix Motorola phones old and new - so don't just throw it away!

How much does it cost to get a Motorola phone screen fixed?

Repairs for Motorola phone screens start from around £99.95, but prices vary depending on the model and size of the screen. To see more specific Motorola screen repair prices, simply select your phone model again and view the list of prices!

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