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Timpson has been repairing watches for over 20 years from our High Street stores.  Our colleagues have been trained to offer services include the replacement of

  • Batteries
  • Leather Straps
  • Metal Bracelets
  • Watch glasses
  • Bracelet adjustment
  • Link Removal

We also carry out an on-site service option to many basic quartz watches and these are often carried out within a few days.

We were the first company to introduce a life-time guarantee on watch batteries.  That means you pay once & we replace your battery free of charge as long as you own the watch.

We can even replace the battery in your water-resistant watch.  Every branch has a pressure tester enabling us to test your watch & guarantee that you can use it in water.  For many watches this is done as a while-you-wait service.

For more complicated jobs we have a state of the art central workshop.

Our Watch Excellence Centre

Our central workshop is accredited by many major brands to carry out repairs. It offers a comprehensive back-up to our colleagues in-store.

It’s here that we re-seal your diver's watch, make and fit shaped watch glasses, refurbish and service complicated quartz or mechanical wrist-watches whether they are modern or vintage.  

Watch repair workshop

Surrounding the bank of workbenches are cleaning machines, timing machines, automatic winders, water resistance testing equipment, case-presses, glass presses, ultra-violet glass curing chamber.  Cabinets stocked full of movements, parts, main springs, crowns, spring bars, tapered pins, gaskets, glasses, wheels, clasps, bracelets and straps can all be found.

We have a separate Master Watchmakers area that has been approved to carry out the repair to many complicated high-end watches.  Our watchmakers in this area have over 120 years of experience between them, all having served as apprentices and gaining qualifications from the British Horological Institute.

How long do watch repairs take?

Currently our turn-around times are:

  • Battery & pressure test: 7 days
  • Quartz service: 21 Days
  • Mechanical service: 35 Days

All the above time-scales can be subject to availability of parts to complete the repair.  If this is the case then our branch colleagues will keep you informed.

Further to this some manufacturers insist on your watch being returned to their workshops.  Again if this is the case we will inform you off any changes to timescale.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How much is it to replace a watch battery?
A: This often depends on what needs to be done to access the battery.  Your local branch will best be able to advise you as to current charges.

Q: Can you pressure test watch resistant watches?
A: Yes either in branch or at our central workshop.

Q: Are you able to service mechanical watches?
A: This service is available in our central workshop.  Please call into your local branch for details.

Q: How much does a typical service cost?
A: A basic quartz service starts from £40.  A service to a mechanical timepiece starts from around £85.

Q: Q: What does a service involve?
A: The watch movement is firstly completely stripped down. All components are disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned of their old lubricating oils.  Each part is then checked, and any worn parts are repaired or replaced. (If a quartz movement, then the electrical circuit is also checked, tested and replaced if necessary and a new battery fitted).  The movement is then built back up, re-lubricated with the correct oils and regulated to be as accurate as possible.  Finally the watch is resealed and if requested valeted by both machine and hand polishing.  This means that at completion, each timepiece is not just mechanically sound on the inside but looks fantastic on the outside.

Q: Can you obtain branded watch straps from manufactures?
A: Many of these are available by special ordered from your local branch.  We also at your request make bespoke items, including one off handmade straps, for your timepiece.

Q: Do you remove watch links?
A: Every branch has been trained to offer this service while you wait in most cases.  Cost will depend on the work required but will typically be £5-£10.

Q: Do you repair Clocks?
A: Unfortunately we currently do not offer a clock repair service.  We would recommend you visit the BHI website who maintains a list of local clock specialist.

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