Mobile Phone Repairs

At Timpson we can repair broken mobile phone screens on most types of iPhone and Samsung phones in store. 

All of our colleagues are expertly trained and can offer the following on most Apple and Android products in-store:

  • Screen and LCD replacements 
  • Battery replacement 

To find your nearest Timpson store that repairs mobiles and tablets, please search here:

Door-to-Door Phone and Tablet Repairs

door to door phone and tablet repairs
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As time goes on, batteries wear out. All that charging and discharging makes phone batteries less effective – the typical estimated lifespan of a phone battery is about 2 years or 300-500 charge cycles, but the lifespan will be noticeably reduced much sooner than that.

From just £40, We’ll fit a new, OEM grade battery into your phone, rated equally to the manufacturer’s battery, injecting new life into your phone.

Below is a list of all the iPhone and Samsung models that we can repair. Please note that prices shown below are standard prices for screen repairs.

Some of our stores do offer a more extensive repair service (including repairs on other brands). More complex jobs may have to be sent to our Tech Centre.

on demand mobile repair service

With our new two-way, on-demand delivery repair service, there's no need to visit one of our stores, simply enter your details on our ordering system, sit back and wait for the delivery agent to arrive.

Once collected, your device will be taken to your nearest Timpson store, analysed by one of our qualified engineers and repaired to the usual high standard.

Within 3 hours the newly repaired device is delivered back to you at your home or office, without you needing to leave the building!

iphone 6

iPhone Models

- iPhone 5 (£29.95)

- iPhone 5C (£29.95)

- iPhone 5S (£29.95)

- iPhone SE / 5SE (£49.95)

- iPhone 6 (£59.95)

- iPhone 6+ (£69.95)

- iPhone 6s (£79.95)

- iPhone 6s+ (£79.95)

- iPhone 7 (£89.95)

- iPhone 7+ (£99.95)

- iPhone 8 (£89.95)

- iPhone 8+ (£99.95)

- iPhone X (£179.95)

- iPhone XR (£159.95)

- iPhone XS (£199.95)

- iPhone XS Max (£349.95)

- iPhone 11 (£299.95)

Samsung S Series Models

- Samsung S5 (£149.99)

- Samsung S6 (£159.99)

- Samsung S6 Edge (£169.99)

- Samsung S6 Edge+ (£199.99)

- Samsung S7 (£169.99)

- Samsung S7 Edge (£209.99)

- Samsung S8 (£229.95)

- Samsung S8 Plus (£249.99)

- Samsung S9 (£249.95)

- Samsung S9 Plus (£269.95)

- Samsung S10 (£279.95)

- Samsung S10 Plus (£299.95)




Samsung J & A Series Models 

- Samsung j3 (£90.00)        

- Samsung j5 (£70.00)

- Samsung j7 (£120.00)

- Samsung A30/A305 (£199.95)

- Samsung A50/A505 (£139.95)       

- Samsung A60/A6060 (£119.95)

- Samsung A70/705 (£179.95)

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