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Phone screen repairs - broken, scratched, cracked or smashed

We know how important your phone is to you. When you don’t have it you feel like you’ve lost a limb. So why would you risk a second rate repair at a knock down price on something that means so much to you?

At Timpson, we offer the best mobile phone and tablet repair service on the High Street and we have more outlets than any other repair centre. Our extensive repair network is backed up by our centre of excellence, where expert technicians carry out the specialist jobs that cannot be done in our branches.

Tablet repair services

  • Screen and LCD replacement 
  • Battery replacement 
We also offer a more extensive repair service on all tablets at our specialist tech centre.  All of our repairs are completed using top quality parts and come with a 12 month guarantee.

Why Choose Us: 

Yes, you can have your phone repaired for less in some local shops, but they are cheaper for a reason:

  • Short or no guarantee
  • Lower grade, knockoff parts used, which can result in:
    • Poor screen resolution (Dull colours)
    • Missing pixels
    • Unreliable touch sensitivity on screen
    • Intermittent faults
    • Thinner glass resulting in easy breakage.
  • Less-trained staff
  • Longer turnabout times

 At Timpson we charge a proper price and you get a proper job!

  • Only best quality AAA grade replacement parts used
  • All parts guaranteed for 12 months – No quibble
  • Fast repair service – often “While you wait” for more straightforward jobs
    • 1200 shop network to carry out your phone repair and help should you have any issues.
    • Amazing service by great people!

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